Thursday, 20 August 2015

Wainui Willys Works Camp Trailer Mark 4

As we've punched a few trailers out now all based on the same frame and panel spec, it's been cool to see how they each get customized and evolve along the way. This is the latest (and last) trailer that'll be coming out of the workshop for a while I would say. Don started the camping trailer trend with a modified garden trailer with fibreglass lid that was upgraded with bigger axle, shocks, brakes, cooker, fridge etc. Roll forward to 2015 and three more were built - Daves as a utility unit with an open top and painted canary yellow to pull behind his (also bright yellow) CJ5, Then came Phils and mine in camp spec with lids, fridges, cookers and stereos. We have significantly different track widths between the two as Phil is in a TJ whereas I tow with the mighty M38 Willys.

Finally, Don gets to build his own up-spec version. We were lucky to develop on his initial ideas for our trailers and now he has taken the evolution even further with some cool extra ideas and changes.

Axle has been dragged closer back to centre than earlier models. Also note the cool under floor water tank that'll carry about 60l (over 15 gallons).

Water tank is notched around draw bar - this will also act as a tank baffle.

Front tray is removable unlike earlier models. It'll also feature a rail or grille around it.

Tow hook is the rear is recessed into the frame to avoid smashing shins. It may also have hidden hooks under the corners of the trailer to pull off of  in the event of a recovery situation.

Monday, 10 August 2015

Bad reaction

I finally got around to putting hood blocks on and it has caused me nothing but grief. I managed to drop the windscreen frame on the hood once I was all finished and cracked the bog. From there on out, I've been chasing paint reactions and have finally given up and stripped it back to bare steel. I guess a Jeepers job is never done!

Stripped and ready to start again.

First lick of high build primer. Ready for a shed load of bog!

I've also started making some door frames for the Jeep that'll either be skinned in the same fabric as my seat covers (thanks to my Mum) or I'll have a crack at doing them in aluminum.

Also, a couple of changes on the trailer. I painted the lid (still wet in the pics) and added an LED strip light above the new cooker as I couldn't see to cook my dinner last time we were out and no-one likes burnt salmon!


Thursday, 25 June 2015

Craigs truck

Craig, another Jeep club members project nearing completion. Pretty damn cool I reckon! In his words:

Been quite a few people ask how my jeeps coming along lately. I've got some photo's here for proof of progress. I'm at the point now where I can start taking it apart for finishing. Got a shit load of welding to be done both mig and tig. I've done 95% of the fabrication so that's good. A small amount of rust to repair before paint.
Can't wait to see it sitting at ride height all one colour and stickered up, windscreen and tonneau covers on. Oh and be able to drive it out my shed.

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Trailer tested and my first fun trial

Been a while but as always been plugging away. A group from the club competed at a fun trial in Masterton a couple of weeks ago and it was the perfect opportunity to road test the camp trailer. We had Don in his flatty and trailer travel with us which was great fun, albeit not the fastest of journeys!
Both the Jeep and the trailer performed great apart from a lack of LPG pressure on the cooker but working that out now and should then be all systems go. The driver didn't do too bad either for a first timer and I finished just above mid back and beat a couple of veterans from our club in the process. We traveled on from Masterton to Otahome on the Wairarapa coast after the event and headed home in pretty awful weather the following day. I also managed to break the drive flange of a rear axle due to a loose wheel bearing but still had drive due to the trusty detroit locker so all good.

The ladies with the Jeeps.

Dual of the flatfenders - no better way to spend a sunny day!
Castlepoint Rock in the background between  the rear roll cage bars.

My dedicated girlfriend and Jeep'n buddy after a wet trip home!

Friday, 4 July 2014

Trailer progress

The trailers are coming along nicely with Phils nearing completion, Daves has gone for paint and mine finally having the sides and front all welded up. We added the panel corners to the trailers (Phils only so far) as rock/tree rails as well as wee tables when we're parked. Phils will also have a tray along the front to support a gas bottle and battery.

Phils with tailgate mounted up. Just need a floor now.

Mines catching up!

Thursday, 22 May 2014

A bit of branding

Not too much progress last night. Modified mud guards and cut the pipe to mount them for 2 trailers. We got Dave's tub sitting down on the frame properly and Don worked his magic on one of the tail gates. They look pretty damn cool!

Tuesday, 13 May 2014


So the trailers are coming along steadily. We've had a few Wednesdays off for various reasons and now getting back in to it. Dave and I got half of a second body together last week and we'll get a third sorted tomorrow. Some custom guards will show up tomorrow too so hopefully at least one trailer will have those hanging too. Excuse Dave's lack of hearing protection but he's pretty deaf already!

That's my frame outside in the dark. Shouldn't take long to mount, square and weld the body.